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EK SOCH is an organization working to supply free help and services to all those in need. We here at EK SOCH, aspire to deliver free health and Education services to everyone in order to eradicate inequality, poverty, and racism. In this way, we aim at building a secure, independent and long-lasting future for those we work with.

Education is the future of the children today. With the help of education, it becomes several times easier to understand, organize and solve various issues in their daily life. In the same manner, it is extremely important to maintain good health in order to combat both severe and minor diseases to protect themselves and lead a happy, healthy lifestyle. Hence, EK SOCH has taken some initiatives to improve the conditions of the people in need and encourage maintenance of good health and importance of education amongst them. Therefore, in order to support and motivate this thought, a handsome amount of contribution is required. These contributions will help them accomplish their aspirations and construct a hope of better living. We at EK SOCH value your contributions and therefore, offer an exclusive means to look into where your contributions are being put to action. In this manner, you will get an insight about how and where we are using your contributions to benefit these people in our organisation.


Hard Work

Pure Love

Smart Ideas

Good Decisions

We love to help all the children that have problems in the world. After 15 years we have many goals achieved.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Your donation can change lives.

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