Providing private tuition benefits children and others who are willing to educate themselves, to enhance their skills and attain an entirely new level of knowledge for their future use.



The value of scholarships is such that can construct an effective career opportunity for those who deserve. This may help children to study further courses and rids them off payment and other monetary problems.



Various career-oriented courses help people in preparing, polishing and galvanizing their skills giving way to many incredible career opportunities.

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Taking proper care of health is not just a responsibility but a necessity.

We at EK SOCH, value this perspective and therefore, provide various services mainly blood availability, free health consultation, Ambulance services and even discounted medicines for the people here to combat any disease or accident in order to maintain a healthy living.


Several diseases are directly connected to our blood. In many cases, you may witness a strict requirement of blood to save lives of those who lack in it. Hence, supplying blood to the people absolutely helps people in combating several heart risks and blood diseases.


By providing medicines on discounts, we aim at benefiting the people to a massive extent. In this way, they can save their money and utilize them for various other purposes. Moreover, this enables people to affordable medicines in a slightly easy manner.