Become a Volunteer

Through the act of volunteering, one does not only contribute to the other’s happiness but also builds humble relations with them. Become a member at ‘EK SOCH’ and provide assistance to the people in need. By raising funds, offering private tuitions and delivering other facilities, your presence will not only enlighten their beautiful faces but will also motivate them to be capable adults in the future.


Co - Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities benefit the children by authorizing them to learn different kinds of skills and exhibit them accordingly. It also delivers an opportunity to learn, think and grow more interestingly. Hence, we at EK SOCH organize various co-curricular activities to put the children into action and allow them to mature with creativity. Various forms of such activities mainly dance, music and art have been incorporated into it.

Fundraising Camps

By raising funds, you can help EK SOCH to supply better support to the children in need and mobilize them to lead colourful lives. Moreover, raising funds will also assist us in spreading and expanding our cause for charity services that shall benefit the people across the world to strengthen various such initiatives for their noble cause.





Welcome to Ek Soch

EK SOCH is an organization working to supply free help and services to all those in need. We here at EK SOCH, aspire to deliver free health and Education services to everyone in order to eradicate inequality, poverty, and racism. In this way, we aim at building a secure, independent and long-lasting future for those we work with.


Upcoming Events

Durgapuja Colths Distribution

By raising funds, you can help EK SOCH to supply better support to the Needy Peoples in need and mobilize them to lead colourful lives.

Our Causes


The future stands crooked without the presence of education, knowledge, and professionalism in it.


Taking proper care of health is not just a responsibility but a necessity.



A general member is regarded as a vital part of our EK SOCH family. Therefore, general membership helps you to form closer bonds with the people living here and brace them with your support more effectively. As a general member of our organisation, it becomes easier to connect with the people we work with and understand their aspirations to aid them better.

General Members