Become a volunteer

Through the act of volunteering, one does not only contribute to the other’s happiness but also builds humble relations with them. Become a member at ‘EK SOCH’ and provide assistance to the people in need. By raising funds, offering private tuitions and delivering other facilities, your presence will not only enlighten their beautiful faces but will also motivate them to be capable adults in the future.

Benefits of volunteering:

  • Helps provide assistance to those in need
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Makes you fun-loving and friendly
  • Builds a positive outlook
  • Increases and strengthens relations with others

Terms and conditions:

  • All the volunteers must first be the members of EK SOCH.
  • Members must be at least 18 years in age and should not belong to any criminal background.
  • Members must be fit both physically and mentally.
  • Note that volunteers are elected and removed by the chairman or core group of our organization on grounds of misconduct.
  • Members must be willing to work and obey the chairman and core group.
  • Members must put in their best efforts in fulfilling the tasks assigned to them.
  • Members must attend the general meetings and participate in all meetings. They must also submit a written application before 3 days of the meeting, regarding their reason of absence.
  • Meetings will be held on weekends, once a month at various locations.
  • Meetings will be headed by the chairman or core group of the organization.
  • The chairman has the supreme power to form or diffuse a core group.
  • Persons willing to volunteer must submit an admission fee of Rs100.
  • Note: If you are a member and willing to volunteer, this fee will be waived for you.